Fertility Services

Preconception is an important stage that can lay the groundwork for increased fertility, easier conception, and a healthier pregnancy.


Fertility Appointments

Whether you are new to fertility or are looking for a different care experience then you have received in the past, I am excited to work with you. At your initial appointment I do a gentle and non-invasive head-to-toe physical exam, we discuss your health history and why you are interested in fertility services, and then we will create a fertility plan that is tailored to your specific and unique needs.

At this appointment we will talk in detail about natural cycle monitoring and what fertility signs and signals you have in your body and how to effectively chart them. For those folks who have been charting for a while, we can review your charting history and if needed, I can help you fine tune your charting method. From there I love to talk about ways of living a lifestyle that supports fertility. We will discuss nutrition, exercise, and stress-relieving techniques.

At the end of our appointment we will create a fertility plan that encompasses alternative and complimentary therapies (acupuncture, vaginal steaming, yoga) as well as any lab tests that you need or want done.

If you are planning an insemination, we will discuss your plan going forward around using donor vs. frozen sperm and determine if you are a good candidate for low-intervention insemination.

The initial consultation entitles you to 3 cycles ( 3 months) of ongoing email, text, and phone support. This can be helpful if you have questions around exercise/diet/nutrition, lab results that you would like help reviewing, understanding your fertility charting, determining your precise ovulation window, providing referrals for complimaentary therapies, and/or referalls for more advanced fertility services that fall out of my scope of practice.



Mackenzie Rose Midwifery offers IUI (intrauterine insemination) in the office or in the comfort of your own home.* I have the ability to wash fresh sperm from a known donor as well as assist with frozen sperm from a sperm bank.

I provide on-call services to my IUI clients so that your insemination can be scheduled around your ovulation window, including weekends or in the evening and/or early mornings.

As a licensed midwife, I offer low intervention IUIs, which means I cannot prescribe fertility medications such as Clomid or the trigger shot. I am also not able to check for follicle development via ultrasound. For either of those services, I can refer you to an appropriate provider.

Low intervention IUIs are all about timing. It generally takes about 3 cycles (3 months) of tracking to really understand when your precise ovulation window is. For this reason, a fertility appointment is required prior to your first insemination. Having 3 cycles also provides the time and space for lifestyle changes to work as well as to see results from any complimentary therapies. The more information I have, the better my ability is to determine your ovulation window, the higher your chance of success.

I recommend vaginal steaming prior to IUI insemination. I will create a specific steaming protocol and herbal steam blend that addresses your unique needs.

* A travel fee applies to in-home IUI services


Vaginal steams

Vaginal steaming is an excellent and gentle self care tool that can help with fertility and conception by increasing circulation and helping cleanse the uterus from a build up of old blood and tissues.

Vaginal steaming involves sitting over a pot of steaming herbs for 10-30 minutes. At your first appointment, I will go over your health history with you so that I can create a specific herbal blend and steaming protocol that addresses your unique needs.

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