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“Mackenzie at Mackenzie Rose Midwifery is an incredible human and fabulous midwife. She didn’t just help me deliver my baby, she gave my partner and I all the tools and support we needed before, during, and after delivery so that we could care for our family holistically. I would choose Mackenzie again, and again. She is, in my professional opinion, the very best.”

Erin Berquist BSN, RN, CWON


When you hire Mackenzie as your midwife, you get so much more than pregnancy/labor support. You get a friend, a coach, a teacher, a confidante, a rock and more. She is so amazing. Mackenzie has helped me in both of my pregnancies. With my first she was my Doula and she really got me through a hard labor/delivery. With my second I was so excited for her to be my midwife. I had an HBAC and she helped me believe in myself and my body again. I would trust her in any situation. She is calm, loving, knowledgeable, professional, and you can tell she loves what she does.

— Alyx Cavalier

My partner and I decided early on in our pregnancy that we wanted a different standard of care than what a hospital based ob/gyn could provide. Choosing Mackenzie as our midwife was obvious as soon as we met her. She was patient, kind and knowledgeable answering every question we had. We never felt rushed during our visits with her, in which she came to our home. Our journey did end up in a hospital setting, for reasons outside our control, and Mackenzie was with us every step of the way. Her level of commitment in providing us the care we wanted was beyond anything I've ever experienced in the medical field. Her expertise in midwifery is in parallel with the love we felt during every interaction with her. I'd choose Mackenzie if you not only did need a midwife, but a life long friend to your family.

— Melina, adam, and of course, artemis

Mackenzie is amazing!!!! Look no further than here for a midwife! She LOVES what she does and it shows so much in her work. She puts her heart and soul into helping you through your pregnancy journey and by the end you don’t want to see her go! She does everything she can to keep you at ease and is incredibly professional but still so loving and kind. You never for a second feel like you’re just another client to her. I can’t believe with as busy as she is she makes you feel so special every-time she sees you. I actually switched to her as a midwife midway through my pregnancy because I was so disappointed by the care I was receiving from another local midwife. I am totally thrilled with my decision. She was worth every penny and more. I feel like I’ve made a friend for life :) she also handled last minute concerns with my pregnancy with such a calm and professional grace. I couldn’t ask for more, she surpassed any expectation I had for a midwife

— Elisse Garner

One month ago our son, Slydell, entered the world. He was born at home, into my own waiting hands, and then was passed into his daddy's arms while I received important postnatal care from our incredible midwife. We are pretty blessed that our midwife just happens to be one of my dearest friends, Mackenzie Rose Leeke! She also happens to be one of the most intelligent, brave, caring, tough, compassionate and capable women that I have the honor and privilege of knowing. She is a tremendous asset to our community.

— heidi hodgson


What a wonderful experience! We looked at some cost effective alternatives to hospital birth and met with a few different midwives. The first meeting with Mackenzie was amazing, we saw her passion for home birth and we knew she was the midwife for us. From the prenatal care, to the birth process, to the loving post natal care of our precious boy, Mackenzie was awesome! And all of this in our home! I was a VBAC mom and decided to have a water birth. Everything went smoothly and I felt safe in their care. Mackenzie was very professional, caring, and attentive to detail. Her care exceeded our expectations. The whole experience was amazing from beginning to end. Thank you Mackenzie!

— Janice

I feel so beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Mackenzie. Pregnancy and birth is such an intimate and powerful experience, one you will remember for all of your life. It is important for us to be guardians of this space, Mackenzie brought with her the utmost tender loving care within every aspect of her practice. She is a deeply wise and skilled professional whom I would love to birth babies with over and over! I myself have been a doula for 11 years and worked with many incredible people, this woman, she is the midwife you want in your corner! I do not say this lightly dear loves, I mean this with all of my heart! There are so many good things I can say! This woman goes above and beyond!

— Meghan harlow

Mackenzie has an innate energy of peace. She tended to me and my energetic behavior for the births of BOTH my children. Her comforting knowledge and calm voice make an easy going addition to the preparation & delivery needed for childbirth. I still, to this day can close my eyes and remember how much care I felt with her in the room. She is wonderful.

— Aubrey Puetz

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It was such a pleasure to share this increadible journey into parenthood with you. You helped me feel so supported through all the challenges and special moments these past 9 months. Any time I had doubts or fears you were my number one cheerleader, and your back presses in labor were the BEST. The dedication and care you put into your practice is extraordinary and we’re so gratful to have had you as our midwife.

— Yasemin, michael, and little Mobious